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Serenity meets style. French bedroom in New England.

Serenity meets style. French bedroom in New England.

Faux Finish/Decorative Painting is one of the many aspects that can help transform your bedroom from ordinary to intimate, special space. Here client's dream of having a french bedroom yet with a touch of contemporary was brought to life through careful color theme selection and creating an accent wall. Stenciling a wall is often a tricky process and might not be the best idea for your first DIY project so it's best to call a professional for this one:) It will allow you not only to gain a second opinion but most

Boston Art Shows to visit: Lavaughan Jenkins at Memorial Convention Center.

In need of some art therapy or inspiring evening? Check out the artshow of Lavaughan Jenkins that opened last Tuesday at Boston Memorial Convention Center (900 Boylston St). 

His intense both in color as in texture paintings present a new portrait of human constitution, a depiction of the inner being existent within each of us rather than individual likeness. Inspired by "Man walks into the room" by Nicole Krauss and Francesco Goya...