Last Friday, July 1st I had a pleasure to attend the opening gala of Newburyport Designer Show House. What an exciting evening! If you’re kind of person who loves great interiors, historical homes combined with cocktails and meeting super talented design professionals this is kind of event to attend!

Organized by Museum of Old Newbury, it features a historic property built c.1810 and transformed in 2016 by a visionary architect and twelve creative interior design professionals .  

Originally a working farm, 284 Water Street, Newburyport, is now a delightful example of a marriage between colonial and contemporary design. Each of the rooms constructed by a different designer presents unique yet working with the rest of the house, concept.

I was invited by Holly Gagne of Holly Gagne Interior Design to create a mural and 2 paintings specifically designed for that space. Following her unique concept, we decided to create an abstract, watercolor mural that created a soft and serene backdrop for her careful furniture and textile selection. She also asked me to create 2 pieces of artwork featured on the wall opposite of.  Rather than pursuing a traditional approach with realistic landscapes, we decided on presenting more of the “feel” of the surroundings with its richness of textures; water, sand, driftwood and endless sky.

Stop by from July 2nd till July 25th for an inspiring tour that might just motivate you to redo “that awful den” you’ve been planning on for ages!