Faux Finish/Decorative Painting is one of the many aspects that can help transform your bedroom from ordinary to a uniquely intimate space. In this project, client's dream of having a French bedroom yet with a touch of contemporary was brought to life through careful color theme selection and creating an accent wall. Stenciling a wall is often a tricky process and might not be the best idea for your first DIY project, so it's best to call a professional for this one:) It will allow you not only to gain a second opinion but most importantly create a unique, custom look for your bedroom. Having the freedom to choose any shade of color possible and any stencil/pattern imaginable adds extra fun to the decorating process! Below are few photos from French Bedroom project where we created multilayered wall finish consistent of strie and metallic stenciling.

And here are other creative ideas for making your bedroom accent wall something absoulutely stunning! Enjoy!