She spent 10 year studying art ( 5 years of Art HIgh School and 5 year in Art College ) and countless hours working with design professionals and high end clients, perfecting her skills. All for one purpose: to create beauty.

Miro Art&Design works with the newest ideas and design trends to bring personalized, one of a kind solutions to your space. Educated in Fine Arts in Europe, Kasia Mirowska brings her extensive studies coupled with a passion for interior design to provide custom designed murals, decorative finishes and art-work created specifically for the project.

She received her Masters Degree in Fine Arts with honors from Art University In Poznan, Poland in 2003. Her education gave her a vast knowledge of painting techniques, art history, visual theory, drafting, to name just a few. Combined with Faux Finish and Specialty Plasters Specialist Certification, it allows her to approach each project with expertise and wealth of creative ideas.